Bert “Bo” Majors

Bert “Bo” Majors is a Licensed Social in the State of Texas who has over ten years of experience of providing therapeutic assistance especially to those struggling with anxiety and depression. He also has degrees in Spirituality and a certification in professional corporate coaching which has helped him to help those who feel stuck in their lives and are attempting to find a new direction whether this be in the professional or personal dimension of their lives. Especially during this time, he has worked with many to help re-focus or find a new direction when they may have not known how. Bo has helped anyone who finds themselves on the journey to self-actualization and further growth by employing diverse methods and approaches to counseling and psychotherapy that may work for you as an individual or as a couple. Bo’s philosophy is using an approach to counseling and psychotherapy which is dynamic and eclectic drawing on Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness as well as others psychodynamic models and techniques. Bo has not only worked extensively with those who are struggling with addressing mood disorders such as bipolar, dysthymia and disruptive mood dysregulation disorder but those who are looking to “push the reset button” in their careers or lives in all its facets such as those who are struggling with midlife issues and coaching questions such as time management and leadership development. Trauma related issues have been a central theme which surfaces as well for many of his clients.

Creativity, openness, non-judgmental and emphatic and reflective listening have been the cornerstone leading to a being a successful counseling relationship. Wherever a person finds themselves whether struggling with a mental health diagnosis or at a place where a person wants to make a change, he can help you to find the path to further growth and wholeness. Se habla espanol. Si parla italiano.

Bo seeks to establish a relationship of trust and warmth with you as it is important you can find a therapist you can trust. Having a degree in spirituality as well, a client is welcome to bring his or her spiritual and religious beliefs as well to the therapeutic relationship and counseling process as well. With his eclectic theoretical approach, you can find something that can work for you.