Steve Camuti

Steve Camuti has worked in leadership in Silicon Valley, non-profits, and brings more than 2 decades of emotional development and education experience to his clients.

Camuti brings with him more than 25 years of experience in the emotional development space, having previously led trainings and large group facilitation for the ManKind Project, which facilitates emotional development work for men, the InsideCircle Foundation, which works closely with incarcerated populations on emotional fluency and expression, and also with the Gender Spectrum Conference, where Camuti worked closely with families and pre-adolescent children who have come out to their families to provide information and resources about the gender spectrum.

Camuti has 5 years experience as a practitioner of NonViolent Communication, a needs-based communication system focusing on harm reduction, deep listening, and non-judgemental feedback. He also co-founded the Men’s Empathic Communication group in 2018, which meets bi-weekly to practice empathy and compassion, deep listening, and needs expression.